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Essential Paris

Paris, the City of Light. The most beautiful and romantic of all cities, it is also the world’s most popular tourist destination. From the comfort and convenience of our centrally located hotel all the sights of the city are a short walk or metro ride away - the iconic Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe, the magnificent Notre-Dame Cathedral and Sacré-Cœur Basilica, the Louvre, d’Orsay, and Rodin Museums, the Bateaux Mouches, and Napoleon’s Tomb. Our day trip to Versailles includes a tour of the palace, an afternoon relaxing in the gardens, boating on the Grand Canal, and exploring Marie Antoinette’s cottages.

Our in-depth exploration of Paris allows time to appreciate the neighborhoods, cuisine, and culture of the city, while students flex their navigation, budgeting, and language skills. Choosing the perfect bistro, brasserie, café or crêperie for dinner, preparing for a picnic in the Jardins de Luxembourg, and shopping on the Champs-Elysées will provide a lifetime of memories for everyone.


1AirborneMeet your Group Director at the airport for an overnight flight to France!
2ParisArrive in Paris and navigate to the hotel using public transportation. Enjoy a relaxed lunch in the Marais. Stroll across Île Saint-Louis and Île de la Cité (stopping at Bertillon’s ice cream) on the way to Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris. Explore inside the cathedral and descend down to the crypt. Early dinner in the Latin Quarter then relax on a Bateaux-Mouches cruise.
3Paris Visit the Catacombs, explore Saint-Germain and find a café for lunch. Stroll around the gardens of Musée Rodin admiring some of his most famous sculptures. Find Napoleon’s Tomb at the Musée de l’Armée then spend some time exploring the Musée d’Orsay. Shopping on the Champs-Élysées followed by an ascent of the Arc de Triomphe to catch the sunset. Dinner on the Champs-Élysées.
4VersaillesAscend the South Tower of Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris. RER to Versailles. Enjoy a relaxed lunch in Little Venice. Find the Grand Trianon, Petit Trianon and the Hameau of Marie Antoinette. Explore the palace. Head back to Paris and up to Montmartre, enjoy the view from Sacre-Cœur Basilica, go souvenir shopping, enjoy a relaxed dinner (maybe have a portrait painted!).
5ParisExplore the Musée du Louvre. Enjoy lunch, then visit Musée Rodin and explore Musée de l’Armée. Shopping! Freshen up for dinner back at the hotel then metro to Trocadero to take pictures of the Eiffel Tower. Farewell dinner near the Eiffel Tower then a night ascent to see “The City of Light”
6AirborneFlight from Paris. Au revoir Paris!

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