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Our Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Penalties

Time Penalty Explanation
Within 30 days
of enrollment
None This risk-free enrollment period allows you to change your mind.
After 30 days 5% of Program Fee We are now investing time in planning your trip and making reservations.
Within 180 Days
of departure
10% of Program Fee We’ve made some deposits,
but most are refundable.
Within 90 days
of departure
25% of Program Fee Most deposits are now non-refundable.
Within 60 days
of departure
50% of Program Fee Many bookings are now paid in full.
Within 30 days
of departure
90% of Program Fee Most bookings are now paid in full.

Cancellation Insurance

Cancellation penalties are covered 100% up to time of departure by the Comprehensive Travel Insurance included in our Program Fee for participants who cancel for listed reasons (eg. sickness, injury, death in family, etc).
Cancellation penalties are covered 75% up to 4 days before departure by the optional "CFAR" (Cancel For Any Reason) Insurance offered during/after enrollment for participants who cancel for other reasons.