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Puerto Rico

Invite your students to join you on a private all-inclusive trip to Puerto Rico and bring them to the places you've been talking about in class.
Choose one of our carefully designed itineraries (or provide your own) and let us know when you'd like to depart.
We'll handle the rest.

May 18th, 2018

Fellow travelers,

It has been eight months since Hurricanes Irma and Maria devastated Puerto Rico, and things are finally getting back to normal.

Recently we traveled to the island to meet with our local partners — hotel operators, transportation providers, and local guides that we’ve been working with for years. It was a great trip, and we feel very good about bringing students back to Puerto Rico.

Unfortunately, the economy of Puerto Rico was seriously impacted by the hurricane and its aftermath. Many business and families are struggling, and we have decided to help.

We are running our “Puerto Rico Rising” itinerary at cost during the 2018/2019 school year.

We believe this will encourage more school groups to visit Puerto Rico and help our local partners get back on their feet. The itinerary centers around Old San Juan and Luquillo Beach, visiting rain forests, mountain caves, blue beaches, and the bio-bay, and it includes an optional day of service for those who really want to give.

Please email us for more information about visiting Puerto Rico, and thank you for your help.

Robert & Peter


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