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Summer Program

No interesting trips at your school?
Still want to see the world?
You're not alone!!
If traveling abroad with students from around the country sounds like fun, then our summer programs might interest you (and your friends!)
Our Summer Program allow students from any school to join a group of like-minded travelers, led by an experienced Program Directors from Students Love Travel.
We are offering 6 trips for the Summer of '19:
  • Discover Europe | 16 Days
    Guided Travel
  • Interpret China | 16 Days
    ESL Volunteering & Guided Travel
  • Summer Camp in Quebec | 9 Days
    French Language Camp & Guided Travel
  • Viva Cuba | 9 Days
    Guided Travel
  • Explore Iceland | 9 Days
    Guided Travel
  • Explore Ireland | 9 Days
    Guided Travel
We require 8+ students to operate each program, so if you're interested let us know!