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Your Trip

School Trip Kickoff

Let's start with some advice: If this is your first time to pull together a group, start small! For French teachers that means we suggest a trip to Québec, and for Spanish teachers we suggest Puerto Rico.  If you simply must go to Europe (we understand completely) then we suggest Paris or Madrid, respectively.

Here's our suggested approach :

  1. Start with an existing group!
    (French Club, Spanish Club, IB Students, AP Students).
  2. Have a show of hands on general interest
    (Don't mention price yet, trust us!).
  3. If you have 12 hands, it's worth proceeding.
    (If you don't then include your seniors, then juniors, and so on and so forth.)
  4. Contact us and let us know you're going to guage parent interest in a Kickoff Meeting.
    We can let you know what evenings we can attend (in person or by Webcast).
  5. Download and print brochures.
  6. Send a brochure home with each interested student, include an RSVP card for a your Kickoff meeting.
  7. If you have 10 positive responses to your RSVP, it's worth proceeding.
  8. Confirm that the Kickoff Meeting is scheduled with everyone who expressed interest
    (Don't forget us!)
  9. Download and print Kickoff Meeting Flyers
  10. Display Kickoff Meeting Flyers everywhere, especially in the halls.
    (Establish your maximum group size at the meeting, not before it.  This will drive excitement.)
  11. Hand out brochures and RSVP cards to students who find you after reading the meeting flyer.
  12. Hold your Kickoff Meeting.

You have successfully kicked off a trip!  Go visit the "Enroll" area of the website.