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Passionate Educators

Our Program Directors

They were born for this role. They have dedicated their lives to teaching young students, traveled extensively, and they want to share their passion for travel with the next generation. Spend a minute with any member of our Program Director Team - ask them about their favorite spots, or their fondest memory of traveling with students - and you'll want to drop everything and go travel with them.
Alexandra Place
Ana Mendiburu
Andrea Kaubris
Brad Johnston
Cathy Varela
Cheryl Berman
Colin Burke
Emma Bricker
Emily Sherman
Emily Squires
Erica Maibeth
Tad Williams
Jenna Windt
José Rodrigo
Jennifer Jasenski
Kathy Martin-Ocain
Lili Chao
Marilyn Goscinski
Martha Maurno
Meaghan McSherry
Nicole Vernon
Olga Lopez
Peter Schmidt
Pierre Bonneau
Tracy Kundt